Who we are:

We are an experienced company built on principled integrity, excellence and effectiveness. We are storytellers who help companies, brands and individuals tell their stories. We are creative problem solvers, aiming not only to please, but also to challenge conventional wisdom and imagine new possibilities.

What we do:
We create meaningful content that makes a difference for our clients and their businesses, that inspires the consumer and moves them to take action. However, amazing content only works when the right people see it. Here is where our proprietary technology comes in to deliver your content directly to your audience on digital and social media effectively (over 1000 data points), efficiently (real-time optimization), and with a greater ROI.

Through our entertainment division, we package film and television projects, bringing together talent, distribution and financing to extend the storytelling to the mass medium. Our services include production, engaging star talent, and worldwide distribution networks.
How we are different:
Mav12 is a hybrid of an agency and a production company. We integrate art with technology for unparalleled results. We combine strategy, branding, marketing, advertising, and production. We reverse engineer - starting with your end-goal in mind and then working backwards to develop the right story for the right audience. From nothing more than the spark of an idea, a client's need that is not met, or a project that the client simply can’t do on their own, we take those ideas, and refine and implement them.