MAV12 Services

MAV12 is a full-service integrated marketing, advertising and production company that provides strategy, creative services, content production (video, info-graphics, animated banners), content distribution (targeted media buys - online, mobile, social), socialization (audience discovery, targeting, engagement) and amplification (leveraging influencers & celebrities), all focused on results, KPIs and ROI.


We aim not only to please, but to challenge conventional wisdom and imagine new possibilities. Our teams are structured to meet and exceed each client's need and budget. Every project follows our general process of  strategy, planning, ideation, design, content creation and execution. Our specific services include:

Key differentiators
Proprietary technologies offering superior green screen and computer graphics: 

Video Production 
 - In-house, local and national 
 - Concept, script, cast, shoot 

Video Post–production 
 - CG, animation and proprietary green screen technology 

Proprietary technologies offering superior ad targeting across: 

 - Audience discovery and targeting based on conversations, actions and behaviors, not “likes” 

 - Real-time optimization of ads and target group based on response


 - Discovering audiences, targeting channels and influencers with precise placement 

Online Display 
 - Targeting and delivering display ads based on geo location, IP address and street/postal address 
Special relationships to amplify campaigns, partner on products and services: 

Influencer outreach 
 - High-profile entrepreneurs 
 - Online and Social Media Influencers 
 - Celebrities

"We incorporate the Kaizen approach in our best practices,
  adhering to a system of continuous improvement."    
Our services are not limited to marketing and advertising, but can be applied to deeper levels of your organization, your products and services or core business offerings. Our team's extensive knowledge in building brands and running companies is also at your disposal to consult regarding your business at large or specific segments, such as operations or manufacturing.

MAV12 Methodology
We start with as little as the spark of an idea, a customer need that is not met, or a project others simply can't or won't do because they think it is too difficult.

We take those ideas, refine them, and execute while quality assessing each component along the way. Delivered on time and on budget, we then analyze and measure the impact.